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Matthew David Morris is a songwriter, artist, and priest whose music has been recorded by some of the world’s most renown artists. His 2018 podcast, Lectio Musica, blended together the rhythms of liturgy and a passion for songwriting. His online ministries have sought to create meaningful spaces for meaningful connection, vulnerability, and authenticity.

He is an artist, a cultivator of good questions, and a lover of the human heart. His writing inspires questions, cultivates the imagination, and fosters a sense of community and belonging. That is what Heartsong is created to do.

“As a songwriter, I’ve always sought to help others connect to their heart. As a priest, I’ve wanted to do the same thing, but also to help folks realize that beneath the trappings of institutional religion is something true and honest… something beautiful and artistic… something musical.

A spiritual life is an imaginative life. My hope for Heartsong is to use this space to help others (and myself, if I’m honest) cultivate an imagination that sings forth from the heart.

I hope you bring forth your imagination with me.”

-Matthew David

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A sample of a Heartsong video

“Home by Another Way,” written by James Taylor.

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